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Unique Treatments in Hair Care by de Fabulous



Hair Beautox makes hair full bodied, strong, shiny and healed from the damaging effects of chemically originated hair services.

De Fabulous is the leader in the Hair Beautox theory that a substance usually used to defy the aging process in the skin, Glycolic Acid, can be used on the hair shaft to create the same results.

Hair Beautox is a deep penetrating hair treatment which gives great protection, sheen and volume when heat is applied directly to the hair shaft.  When in the presence of extreme humid environmental conditions, hair processed with Hair Beautox stays frizz free.



Is your hair natural that is devoid of any chemicals which permanently change the structure of the hair? 

If your clients say “yes” and they want to be able to wear their hair in its natural state but still have the opportunity to change this look to a straight structure,  Cysteine Complex is the answer.

This professional Hair Treatment uses the newest and most natural materials available to penetrate the hair shaft to create change.  Cysteine Complex strengthens the hair shaft with Protein thus allowing, with the application of heat, change to occur within the structure of the hair shaft.

Other products which create this change permanently weaken the hair.  Using Cysteine Complex as a product to create change, in the client's hair shaft, what is actually happening is that their hair is becoming stronger as this structural change takes place.



As the name implies Remedy is the answer to damaged hair which has lost its strength, shine and moisture.  Remedy can be used on all textures and types of hair.  The amazing fact about Remedy is that the treatment lasts for as long as three months or more keeping the hair at its maximum level of condition.


Remedy is mild and gentle as a hair treatment but the effects are strong and effective.  The cuticle scales of the hair shaft become stronger when applied with Remedy thus allowing the hair shaft to become stronger after the use of harsh chemicals like Relaxers and Hair Coloring products.



Hair is very sensitive to changes in the body chemistry, the environment and to the different products used on it.  Hair can show signs of stress, which if not treated with the correct type of treatment, could result in hair loss.

Reviver Hair Treatment acts as a solution to stressed hair.  With the application of Reviver Hair Treatment, the hair shaft is immediately healed of its stress.  The protein used to make this treatment allows for healing to take place effectively.  Care must be taken to ensure that this treatment is given, on a regular basis, when needed.

A Professional Hairdresser will have the knowledge to design a Treatment Plan to take care of stressed tresses on a prescribed and regular basis.



Color dehydrates hair.  In real terms color makes hair dry and thirsty.  Color Guard Treatment by de Fabulous is an amazing Moisturizing Treatment.

This treatment is a mixture of protein and moisture which enables the thirsty hair to be refreshed.  Color Guard Treatment gives back to hair what color takes out.  It is the deep answer to troubled hair.



Balance is key to success in every area of our lives.  When your scalp gets out of balance problems occur like dry, itchy flaking scalp conditions.

Scalp Aid Treatment brings balance back to the scalp.  This treatment is made with the finest ingredients to promote health and wellness to the scalp.  These ingredients help to stimulate the flow of blood to the scalp and this is imperative to the recovery of balance to the scalp. 

Scalp Aid by de Fabulous has a 99% success rate, as most Hairdressers who have used the treatment will tell you.  It is the only scalp treatment which improves the moisture content of the scalp and ultimately the hair shaft.  This treatment lasts for four weeks.  Once the monthly treatment plan is followed, scalp problems previously experienced by you will disappear.