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Safe Guard Color Line


The Safe Guard Color Line by De Fabulous is a sulphate free, toxic free line of three items namely, Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment.


Why Do You Need the Safe Guard Color Line?


Hair which is treated with Hair Color or Hair Lighteners becomes fragile.  This hair loses some of its natural strength by the mere process of colouring or lightening.  The Cuticle becomes open and is susceptible to damage from harsh shampoos and heat.


Why is the Safe Guard Line better than the competition?


The Safe Guard Color Line by De Fabulous is infused with Keratin.  Keratin is the protein of which the hair is made.  Therefore every time the Safe Guard Color Line is used it re-strengthens the hair shaft which has become weakened by the Color Process.  This line also is sulphate free, which means that the natural oils of the hair and scalp are not depleted by the use of the line.  This line actually moisturizes the hair and scalp as it cleanses and conditions.


Expected Results


Use of the Safe Guard Color Line enables a greater return on your color service investment.  The color lasts longer and your hair remains stronger and more manageable, after the service, when you use the Safe Guard Color Line.


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