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Reviver System by De Fabulous


The Category


The Reviver category is recommended for Chemically Treated and Damaged Hair.  The line consists of Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment.  The line is infused with vegetable keratin and is sulphate free.


Why do you need the Reviver Line?


By the mere use of chemicals such as Relaxers and Hair Colour the hair shaft becomes weaker.  The strength of the hair is depleted when the Keratin, which is the strength of the hair, is lessened by the use of chemicals.

We therefore need to use shampoos, conditioners and treatments, when our hair is damaged, which will restore health and strength to the hair.


Why is the Reviver Line better than the competition?


The Reviver Line is better than the competition because it delivers. Exactly what the Reviver line says it is going to do it does. We have successfully tested the Reviver Line on clients within the Caribbean and we retail to over 150 Beauty Professionals in the region.

After a Relaxer service when Reviver shampoo is used you can actually feel the hair getting smoother and less brittle to the touch.  When an Elasticity Test is performed on hair which has been just relaxed, after the Reviver Treatment, the hair can stretch and come back to its length without breaking.


Expected Results


The use of the Reviver System enables hair to be less traumatized by Chemicals.  The system helps to repair damage to the hair shaft which if left untreated would result is frizzy hair.  The addition of Keratin to the line helps to restructure the protective cuticle layer in the hair shaft thus resulting in stronger hair.


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