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Get Closer Scalp Aid by De Fabulous


The Category


Get Closer Scalp Aid by De Fabulous is a line designed to effectively eliminate scalp dehydration and dead cells which have accumulated on the scalp as a result of a lack of natural sebum reaching the surface of the scalp.


Why Do You Need Get Closer Scalp Aid


Get Closer Scalp Aid has the ability to treat topical scalp disorders without causing the hair to become dry and hard to manage.  When we use harsh chemicals or when our diet and water consumption are inadequate this can result in scalp imbalance.


Why Is The Get Closer Line Better Than The Competition?


Most shampoos and Conditioners which are used to remedy adverse scalp conditions leave the hair and scalp extremely dry.  De Fabulous Get Close Scalp Aid, because of natural redial ingredients, leave the hair and scalp moist, soft, smooth and easy to manage.  This makes a significant difference to the problem solving ability of Get Closer Scalp Aid by De Fabulous.


Expected Results


It has been proven that the use of Get Closer Scalp Aid, when used on a Monthly basis as a Treatment, stops the discomfort of an itchy flaky scalp.  This product is used and recommended by some Dermatologists as relief for psoriasis

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