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de Fabulous Certifications

de Fabulous certified Beauty Professionals in the Caribbean are differentiated by a combination of factors enabling a superior service and product offering to you.


Our Certified Beauty Professionals are selected based on: 

  • Their desire to effectively solve the beauty problems and needs of their clientele
  • International and local experience in a professional environment
  • Their desire to provide a complete retail solution from hair service through to after-care products

Beauty Professionals are selected based on these qualities as we believe they enhance the customer experience.

 Providing the correct de Fabulous solution to the customer is vital. Our selection process is therefore customer oriented first followed by a technical then sales orientation.

Technical Training:

de Fabulous Beauty Professionals in Trinidad, Tobago and Barbados are trained annually by de Fabulous Educators with significant experience in the Hair Care and Beauty Industries.

This means they receive expert training from the world's best Educators and therefore the customer receives the highest quality services.

One of the goals of Success Beauty Distributors is to be an innovative business, a leader in new, healthy, restorative hair care products.This is an important segment of the Hair Care market where customers have suffered years of damage by traditional hair product lines which contain harmful chemicals and ineffective formulas.  

Beauty Professionals across the Caribbean have recognized the need for product lines which effectively heal the hair and scalp and this is why they trust and believe in the de Fabulous product lines.

The retail growth of de Fabulous has been exceptional in the Eastern Caribbean. Since it's debut two years ago in Barbados, Success Beauty Distributors now retails de Fabulous to over 150 beauty professionals. A remarkable achievement. Take a glimpse at some of our Training Workshops in the Caribbean:

Sales Training

Our de Fabulous Educators also train all Certified de Fabulous Beauty Professionals in sales. This involves identifying the de Fabulous customer, learning the sales process and delivering excellence through retail. 

The de Fabulous Certified Beauty Professional Identifies the de Fabulous customer as someone who:

  • Seeks solutions to existing hair care problems and needs through after care products
  • Prefers quality and long term results over short term products
  • Cares about the health of their hair and prefers product lines that have no harmful chemicals
  • Cares about the health of their scalp and prefers product lines which give them effective solutions
  • Recognizes that healthy hair and scalp means fewer health problems  
  • May wish to reverse years of damage by traditional product lines containing hairmful chemicals, restoring their natural hair health
  • Prefers Certified Professionals to solve their beauty problems and needs in the Caribbean
  • Seeks guaranteed results to their hair care needs
  • Prefers to switch to a product line that contains new formulas focused on health and restoration

Who is the de Fabulous Certified Beauty Professional in the Caribbean after training?

  • A more experienced technical and sales oriented Hairdresser/Salon Owner/Salon Manager
  • Believes that the only solution to completely satisfying customer needs is through effective, healthy products
  • Recognizes the importance of providing only high quality, long lasting products to clients
  • Identifies the de Fabulous customer as someone who cares about their hair health and recognizes the relationship between excellent hair ans scalp health and body health
  • Identifies the de Fabulous customer as someone interested in high quality and results
  • Recognizes that de Fabulous provides solutions to every hair and scalp issue and need in a healthy and restorative way
  • Is continuously interested in improving themselves and their skills through Education
  • Is community conscious and recognizes
    • de Fabulous Educators permanently improve the technical & sales skills of Caribbean Hairdressers
    • The benefit to small businesses and Caribbean Economies of International Training
  • Has experienced the effective results of de Fabulous through training and application
  • de Fabulous trained in client analysis, product usage and a results oriented consultative process


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