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The Category 

The Amazon Series, by De Fabulous, is manufactured with natural products which have been proven to be good for your body and good for your hair.  The Acai Berry, found in the Amazon Forest is one of the main ingredients found in the Amazon Series.


Why Do You Need the Amazon Series?


As Professional Hairdressers we need the Amazon Series because the Industry is changing to include Natural, Organic Products which, when used, leave the hair stronger and more healthy. Our Clients need the Amazon Series so that they can continue, at home, the process of rehabilitation and growth which was begun in the Salon, with the use of The Amazon Series.


Why Is The Amazon Series Better than The Competition?


Within the Amazon Series there are four Curl Taming and Reducing Products from which to choose.  Each of these represents to the Professional Hairdresser an opportunity, after careful consultation with the client, to give the Client exactly what they need and want.  This puts you, the Hairdresser, in a very special place within the Beauty Industry. In addition, the other supporting products are of the highest quality and are formulated with a focus on health and hair restoration. 


Expected Results


With the use of products within the category of the Amazon Series the Hairdresser is assured of predictable successful results.  The Client who invests in the Retail, Home Care Items, within the Amazon Series will see the benefit of this investment by having more manageable, healthy and performance assured hair.

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