A Message to our Audience

Why use De Fabulous?

This Brand represents Hair Products which have been made with the highest quality ingredients.  This results in the highest quality performance and RESULTS.

What is it important to Success Beauty Distributors as we strive to become the #1 Distributor for Beauty Products in The Caribbean?

  • Success Beauty Distributors stand behind all purchases.  If you purchase a product from us and you are dissatisfied in any way, we take the product back and refund you your money.

  • We support all of our sales with Training.  Professionals in the field who purchase from Success Beauty Distributors will be given FREE Training for all members of their staff on items which have been purchased. 

  • Similarly, when a Client purchases a Retail item, this comes with advice on how and when to use this product.

  • Success Beauty Distributors will deliver your purchases to you within a 48 hour time period.  This time period can be decreased in Emergency situations.  But we train our clients to keep trakt of their Inventory so that they always have product on hand.

  • Success Beauty Distributors is systemized to the point that we alert clients when we are running low on items and inform them of the delivery date for new arrivals.

What is your favourite product? 

This month we will look at over love for Muru Muru

Muru Muru Shampoo & Conditioner by De Fabulous

  • Both the shampoo and conditioner contain 20% keratin which strengthens the hair.

  • When shampooing wet the hair thoroughly before applying a small amount of shampoo to the scalp.  Massage scalp thoroughly. Rinse thoroughly. 

  • Tip, less is more as both the shampoo and conditioner are very concentrated.

  • Trick. Towel dry your hair before applying the conditioner and leave on for five minutes before rinsing.  This trick leaves your hair soft, shiny, healthier and more manageable.

Three Fun Facts to Know

If Hair Conditioner is used as a Cleanser for your hair and scalp it cleanses as well as shampoo does except when there is a build-up of Sebum or Hair Products on your hair and scalp.  When this is the case Shampoo does the trick.

The Flat Iron is a direct spin off from the Pressing Comb, invented by Madame Walker of the USA.

The Internet has caused the client to be very aware of Hair Products, what they are made of, who sells them, at the best prices and how to use them.


Remember, using high quality, healthy products on your hair is the only way to maintain your hair and scalp to the highest and healthiest standards. Contact us here for more information. We look forward to communicating with you in our September Newsletter.